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About Us&Us


We’re a proudly independent creative company based in Cremorne, Melbourne

  We work in direct and equal partnership with our clients to solve their business problems with creativity, collaboration and sound strategic thinking. Our tight-knit team can help set the direction for your business or brand, guide innovation, identify marketing capability gaps, overcome growth challenges, create compelling communications, and promote positive and enduring change.

Quite a lot actually.

Them and us.

It’s a negative bias that pervades businesses, marketing departments, advertising agencies and consultancies. A bias whereby each party thinks they have superior talent, capability or understanding. 

We see a future where the them-and-us attitude is replaced with an Us&Us® model. A model that sees experienced and collaborative specialists complement and enhance a business' or brand's in-house skills and capabilities. One team with a shared agenda. 

No them and us. 

Only Us&Us.

The Us&Us® approach

Whatever your business challenge or opportunity, Us&Us believes unity and understanding are key to reaching the right outcome. When we work with you, we adopt your business/brand needs or goals as our own. Your problems, your aspirations and day-to-day issues become as important to 'Us' as they are to you. 


The team


Jim Ritchie

Lorenzo Bresciani

Lorenzo Bresciani

Founder & Creative Partner

Jim has 20 years’ experience working on all kinds of brands and business in the UK & Australia. An awarded Creative Director, Strategist and Marketer, Jim believes unequivocally in direct and equal partnership as being the best way to solve the business problems of his clients.


Lorenzo Bresciani

Lorenzo Bresciani

Lorenzo Bresciani

Strategic Partner

Lorenzo is an experienced brand strategist. He started his career with Accenture in 1993 in the strategy consulting division, where he worked for eight years. Since then, he has accumulated over 20 years’ experience as a Strategy Director for world-class advertising agencies in the US, UK and Australia. 


Tom Hutcheon

Tom Hutcheon

Tom Hutcheon

Design Partner

Tom is a lead designer with twelve years’ experience in brand design and visual communication, working across a diverse client portfolio in both studio and agency environments. A creative problem solver with a love for logos, a keen eye for typography, and a knack for strategic design thinking.


Alex Jervis

Tom Hutcheon

Tom Hutcheon

Brand & Marketing Partner

Alex is a skilled generalist. With 20 years’ experience working in-house and in-agency, she's a flexible and dynamic marketing professional. Alex has expertise across concept and strategic development, brand activation, trade marketing, production, social media and event management.

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The story of Us&Us


A better way of working

During all of our respective careers, we kept on hearing the same two things over and over again, “clients don’t understand creativity” and "creative people don’t understand my business”. A culture of mistrust and misunderstanding was fomenting strained relationships and compromised outcomes.

Us&Us is on a mission to create a more meaningful, positive and mutually beneficial way of working. 

Us&Us believes no single business, brand or agency has a monopoly on the best people, the greatest ideas, or the right approach. Us&Us acknowledges the talent that exists within businesses and marketing departments. We are here to be your creative and strategic partner; your sounding board; your intermediary; your advisor; your trusted ally. As and when you need Us.

Importantly, we don’t believe we have all the answers. But we do believe by working in direct partnership — alongside you and with you — we’ll be better placed to uncover the right solution. Hopefully, we'll get to work alongside each other one day. 


Jim and the Us&Us team